Are you looking for a competent Front End Developer to solve your problems? ... Well, you are at the right place!
With an open mind, a desire and willingness to learn new things, I am ready to help and build great products for you. 🚀

Languages and Technologies

  • Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Ruby on Rails, React.js
  • Git, CLI, npm

Technical Experience

Personal Website My personal site at
Pomodoro Clock React.js project using Pomodoro technique for managing time and improving productivity.
Rails Sample App Simple clone of Twitter using Ruby on Rails framework.
Weather App Vue.js project using Openweathermap API to get weather infomation at a specific location.
Tic Tac Toe Game A familiar game using vanilla JavaScript (with Webpack as a bundler).


FreeCodeCamp APIs and Microservices October 16, 2018
FreeCodeCamp Front End Libraries October 4, 2018
FreeCodeCamp Responsive Web Design September 23, 2018
FreeCodeCamp JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures August 9, 2018


Front End Developer Summer 2018 – Now
Dept Specialist (Agribank) Viet Nam Bank for Agricuture and Rural Development Spring 2013 - Summer 2018


Web Development FreeCodeCamp (Self-taught) Winter 2017 – Now
Web Development The Odin Project (Self-taught) Winter 2017 – Summer 2018
Finance and Banking Can Tho University Fall 2008 - Fall 2012